LaBrum Campus Uniform Policy

  1. Tops: Plain Polo Shirt following the grade-level guidelines, Navy LaBrum (gym/team) shirt, or black Student Council “LaBrum Gear” t-shirt.  50th Anniversary shirts are also allowed. Logos larger than 1.5 inches on the clothing are not permitted allowed with the exception of Hancock or Labrum School Logo clothing. (Hancock/LaBrum clothing with school logos is permitted.)
  2. POLO SHIRTS ARE OPTIONAL – If a student would like to wear a polo shirt, please follow these grade-level guidelines.  6th Grade Students- Navy blue collared shirt.  7th Grade Students- Light blue (Powder Blue) collared shirt.  8th Grade Students- White collared shirt.
    Bottoms: Students are to wear khaki (tan) pants, shorts, skirts, or jumpers. Shorts can only be worn during the months of September, October, April, May or June. Shorts must fall to the knee.
  3. Gym Days:  Students are to wear a plain navy t-shirt, their Labrum gym shirt or LaBrum Gear shirt with SOLID navy, black, or gray sweat pants.
  4. Bottoms may not have stripes, be marbled, or have mixed colors.   Students should also be wearing sneakers for gym.
  5. What if I am cold?  Students may wear a SOLID black, blue, white, or gray sweaters, fleeces, or crew neck sweatshirts if they are cold.  These items cannot have any writing or stripes on them.  Logos smaller than 1.5 inches are okay.  SOLID white, navy, gray, or black long-sleeve shirts can be worn under the T-shirt or Polo shirt as well. Tights worn under skirts or jumpers must also be SOLID black, gray, or navy.
  6. Where can I buy uniform items? Polo-Shirts and bottoms can be purchased at local clothing or department stores.  LaBrum Gear can be purchased at the school through Student Council. This includes T-shirts, sweatshirts, and school jackets.
  7. Additional Uniform Information
  • No lights or skates in shoes. Shoes must have rubber soles. Sneakers are recommended footwear.
  • Jewelry is not encouraged.
  • No hoodies.
  • No flip-flops or slide.
  • Students are not permitted to wear leggings or yoga pants for their gym pants.
  • Jackets must be kept in lockers and are not permitted to be worn in the classroom.