About Us

About Us

The John Hancock Demonstration School is located in the Far Northeast and is composed of two campuses.  The John Hancock Campus located at 3700 Morrell Ave is our elementary campus serving the K-5 community.  The General Harry LaBrum Campus located at 10800 Hawley Rd is our middle school campus serving the 6-8 community.  The John Hancock Demonstration School is one of two schools in the Philadelphia area that works with children who are deaf and hard of hearing.

Our Vision

The John Hancock Demonstration School’s Vision is to aspire to create productive global minded citizens by providing an inclusive safe student centered learning environment where learners are empowered and held accountable for demonstrating meaningful learning and understanding through inquiry driven project based learning opportunities in a culture of care.

Our Mission

The John Hancock Demonstration School’s Mission is to foster productive citizens by utilizing inquiry driven, project based learning opportunities through the core values of inquiry, collaboration, investigation, and reflection.