Nurses Notes

Parents please use this page as a resource to address health concerns and retrieve some common forms required by the district.  The forms are located in the Student Health Services section of the district’s website.  You can access them by clicking here.

Required School Medical Forms

*You can click on the link to download the form.

All children are required to have an immunization record to register your child for school.  Please provide a copy of your child’s immunization record from your family doctor.

Any medication or treatment required during the school day requires the below form completed by your child’s doctor.  This includes over the counter and prescription medicines. – Request for Administration of Medicine Equipment

A dental exam is required for all children in 1st, 3rd, and 7th grades as well as all new students to the School District.  Click the link below to access the Dental Examination form. – Report of Private Dental Exam 

A Physical exam is required for all children in Kindergarten and 6th grade as well as all new students to the School District.  Click the link below to access the Physical Examination form. – Report of Physical Examination

Any middle school child is required to complete the multi-page PIAA Physical Exam Report.

Not sure if your child is safe to return to school after and illness, please refer to the chart below.

I have a feverI am vomitingI have DiarrehaI have a RashI have Head LiceI have an Eye InfectionI have been in the Hospital
Sick emojiVomiting emojiDiarreha emojiRash emojiHead lice emojiPink eye emojihospital emoji
Temperature of 100.4 or higher.Within the past 24 hours.Within the past 24 hours.Body Rash with itching or fever.Itchy head, active head lice.Redness, itching, and/or crusty drainage from eyeHospital Stay and/or ER Visit.
I am ready to go back to school when I am...
Fever free for 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medication i.e. Tylenol, MotrinFree from vomiting for at least 2 solid meals.Free from diarrhea for at least 24 hours.Free from rash, itching, or fever. I have been evaluated by my doctor if needed.Treated with appropriate lice treatment at home and proof is provided to nurse.Evaluated by my doctor and have a note to return to school Released by my medical provider to return to school.